Man Provides Hundreds Of Animals With Water Each Day

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Man Helps Hundreds Of Animals Suffering From Drought

Everything started one day when Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua, an ordinary man living in Kenya, saw a buffalo sniffing the completely dry ground, which once was a waterhole. The animal was suffering because of the drought in the country. Partick tells that there had been absolutely no rain for months because of climate change, and the poor animals needed to suffer the consequences.

Seeing the scene of a buffalo desperately looking for some water broke Patrick’s heart. That was when he made his mind to do something about it. Patrick works at the local sanctuary, so he realized he could ask for their help. The sanctuary kindly agreed to provide Patrick with a huge amount of water each day. Next, he needed to somehow transport it to as far as seventy kilometers to fill the empty waterholes.

Patrick used his money to buy trucks to do that. And that was all he needed to make hundreds of thousands of animals happier. Once they filled the waterholes, hundreds of zebras, buffaloes, antelopes and other species of animals came to stop by. Finally they were able to find something as vital as water. Patrick continued to refill the waterholes every single day, as the drought continued.

But Patrick’s project did not end on that. Seeing how big of a difference he could make, he decided to dare to do more. The next thing to was to create more waterholes. With the help of a group of people, he dug several new ones.

Patrick has been helping animals for a while now. He believes that they are such innocent creatures, and they they need our protection. Moreover, these creatures definitely do not need to suffer because of the problems that humans created. And providing them with water is the very least we can do.

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