The Cat Who Was Afraid Of Humans

Cat Who Was Afraid Of Humans Cat Breeds

But she was ready to make the cat feel safe again.Cat Who Was Afraid

Pepper used to be absolutely terrified of humans. She would not stay anywhere but under Lucie’s bed. Lucia got her from a house where they probably abused the cat. It made it hard for her to interact with humans again. Lucia had never handled an abused animal before. But she was ready to make the cat feel safe again.Cat Who Was Afraid

Pepper was spending most of her days under the bed, but Lucia could tell that she was curious about her and about the house. Her first goal was to get Pepper come out of her little hiding spot. The first method of bonding with the cat that she used was throughout the food. Pepper just loved it when she brought her food and it felt like she could not get enough. For the next two or three weeks Lucia would go in there and just sit with her while she was eating. She also used the cat toy, under the bed, just flipping it around. Pepper ended up absolutely loving the game.

Little by little, Pepper started to feel more comfortable around Lucie. She started to come out of under the bed to play with her. Started to climb on the bed with her to cuddle. She spent nearly two months in that room and now the next step for Lucie was trying to get her into her house. She started moving the food out of the door placing it farther away from the room every time. It took about a whole week for Pepper to fully come into the house. She started to make herself comfortable there, exploring everything, jumping on the couch.

Pepper’s burst of confidence made Lucie extremely proud. She is very happy with how far they have come with a little persistence and patience.

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