The Dog Needed A Bunny To Become His Better Self

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Bunny Makes The Dog Change His Personality

Sugar is a Bunny who needed a new family to take care of her. She came from a breeder. But they no longer needed Sugar, so they decided to giver her away. When Jessica heard about the bunny, the first thing that came to her mind was adopting her. First of all, she is always happy to have animals in her house. Also, Jessica had a dog, Roman, who was in need of some company.

Jessica tells that her dog Roman is highly energetic, and sometimes can even be chaotic. He is the goofy dog that can be easily spotted in the crowd. It all comes from his positivity and excitement about every little thing. Roman’s favorite thing to do it to play with Jessica’s baby son, which is overly adorable. But still, Jessica believed that the company of another animal would affect Roman in a very positive way.

As no one in Jessica’s family would mind a bunny in the house, Sugar soon became the great addition to their household. It was funny how she bonded with Roman right away, just the way Jessica wanted. Sugar saw Roman as her big brother, who’s job was to help her adjust to the new house.

Sugar was not quick to make friends with everyone. She had an attitude, and would always let Jessica know what she liked and what she did not. Especially the ones she did not like. She wanted people to respect her personal space. Even being petted was not something she appreciated. But all of these demands did not apply to Roman. He was the only one who was able to cuddle with Sugar.

The friendship of Roman and Sugar is a great example of how much the company of other animals can teach your pet. Since Sugar appeared in Roman’s life, he became more gentle, learned to respect and share with the ones surrounding him. He simply became a better version of himself.

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