A Guy Find A Very Unusual Animal Running In His House

A Guy Find Unusual Animal Animal World

Unusual Animal

John Zou was asleep in his house in London when suddenly he woke up because of strange noises. They coming from his bedroom. He figured out that it must have been some kind of an animal running around the room. Might be a mouse, or maybe a rat. But when he caught the intruder, he realized that it was something much more unexpected.

At first, he could not identify the animal. So he sent some photos of it to his friends who told him that it was a sugar glider. Sugar gliders are native to Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia so this little guy must have been someone’s pet who probably lost him. John recalled leaving his window and that is probably how the sugar glider got in.Unusual Animal

Zou contacted RSPCA to come and get the little intruder. While he was waiting for them to arrive, he found himself spending time with his new friend, letting him roam around the house. John gave him some food and played with him for a while until the inspector arrived.

A Guy Find Unusual Animal
A Guy Find A Very Unusual Animal Running In Unusual Animal

They managed to get attached to one another during that short period of time. Seeing them take away his new buddy made John really sad. Even though he knew that he was going to miss him, he was happy that the sugar glider was going to be in good hands.

Sugar gliders look incredibly cute so it is no surprise that a lot of people want them as their pets. But they are wild animals that are not so easy to take care of. Francesca Tambini, the inspector from RSPCA says that she does not believe that these animals are suitable as pets.

A lot of sugar glider owners often abandon their pets as they find out how hard it actually is to provide the animal with everything they need in a household environment.Unusual Animal

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