Wheels Does Not Allow His Paralyzed Legs Affect Him In Any Way

Wheels Does Not Allow legs Dog Breeds

The Dog With Paralyzed Legs Gets So Excited About Learning New Things

When Wheels arrived at Bullies and Buddies Rescue, his back legs were completely paralyzed, and he was unable to walk. The neurologist had said that there was not much that could be done and that there is no surgery that could have fixed it. The vets even advised his foster mom Jennifer to euthanize him. But Jennifer and Wheels were not going to give up that easily. She says that despite his disabilities, Wheels was one of the happiest dogs she has ever known and that he was not going to let it stop him.

Wheels excitedly started his journey towards walking with the whole rescue team cheering and rooting for him. Jennifer started taking him to different kinds of therapies and Wheels loved everything about it. Water therapies were his favorite! He was always thrilled to try something new.

Wheels felt like a rock star every time he achieved something new, like standing up on his own or making a couple of steps. His back legs confidence is getting stronger and stronger. He is for sure determined to walk.

Dog His Paralyzed Legs

Despite all the progress, Jennifer was concerned that Wheels might not have found a forever home, because of all the requirements. He needed a 24 – hour care. As months went by, it seemed like no one was interested in adopting him. Wheels even appeared on the news, making him some kind of a local superstar. That is how Julie and her husband Mathew discovered Wheels and decided to make him a part of their small family

Wheels loved his new family and he immediately made friends with their other dog, Milo. He started playing right away with his new best friend. Julie says that it is really rewarding for her to see this dog live his best life despite his mobility.

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