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The Best Wedding Pictures Of Dog Dog Breeds

Of course, the dog came out muddy The Best Wedding Pictures

Alex Simon works as a photographer, and his job is to make sure the wedding pictures perfectly capture the most memorable moments of the day. Usually, he wants his pictures to be flawless. And the smoother everything goes on the wedding day, the better.

However, this time, the wedding ceremony did not go quite as planned. The couple decided to make their dog, Jax, a gift. They decided to let him keep the rings. All he needed to do was to stand still, and make sure not to drop them. At first, everything went alright. Except for the fact that Jax was not in the mood for some reason, and did not feel like posing in front of the camera. He did not want to look at the camera at all, which made Alex a bit upset. Does it mean the ring carrier was not going to have one nice picture?

But soon, Jax found something that would make him happy during the ceremony. It was the pond next to them. The second he realized they were standing next to a pond, he jumped right into it, forgetting about the rings. The couple rushed to stop him. But they were late. The dog had already managed to splash into the water that he loves so much.

Of course, the dog came out muddy, but the good thing is that he was alright, and the rings were too. The ceremony continued just as planned. And little did they know that this small incident would make their wedding pictures the best they could have ever possibly wished for. There is nothing more hilarious than the excitement on Jax’s face when running to the pond, and the groom desperately trying to catch him. No doubt the wedding pictures capture all the fun of the day, which is what any couple would want.

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