Man’s Pets Are Living A Secret Life

Men`s Pets are not a major source of human Dog Breeds

Man’s Pets Are best friend

If your Man’s Pets are way too friendly to each other, you know they are hiding something! Pets are just like teenage sibling. They cannot be in a too good of a relationship. Annoying and disturbing each other is an inseparable part of the daily life of any sibling, thus should be part of the life of the pets too.

However, it was not the case with Kristopher’s dog Otis, and his cat Blue. They were just too perfect. Whenever you look at them, they are peacefully sitting next to each other, cuddling, and definitely not doing any harm. What else could a pet owner wish for? But this behavior seemed too suspicious to Kristopher. What if those two are simply trying to fool him?

To make things clear, Kristopher set cameras in the house, to see what is happening when there is no one home. And little did he know the war begins the minute Otis and Blue are by themselves.

There is no minute that passes by without scratching, hitting each other, and fighting for the favorite spot. The two become the complete opposites of what they are when someone is watching them! And their behavior changes the very second they are alone. As if they are peacefully waiting for people to go away so they no longer need to pretend to like each other.

Otis, however, is not as aggressive. Even though he is larger in size, and stronger, he is usually the victim. While Blue is a real provocateur.

Kristopher is sure, that such fights are nothing more that simple games. The two have been living with each other for too long, and Kristopher’s family knows better than anyone else how much they actually care for each other. They just like to be a little hectic in their games.

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