Kitten, named Snow decided to take some yoga classes

Kitten accidentally Cat Breeds

Kitten accidentally fell from the ceiling into the yoga studio

When Paloma opened her yoga studio, she had no idea one of her students would be a kitten. Everything started one day, as Paloma entered the studio in the morning, just to see a long scratch on the wall of the locker room. At first, it shocked her. She realized it was probably a cat. But how did he get in, and where was he now?

Paloma asked some of the staff members for help. They found the kitten hiding in the locker room. It looked like he involuntarily fell from the conditioning system on the ceiling. He looked very scared and tried not to let people approach him.

But he could not stay there forever. With some treats, the staff finally was able to gain his trust and show him the way out. That was the story of the day in the studio. Paloma told it to all of her groups, and they all burst out laughing.

But when everyone thought the story with the kitten was over, he decided to return. A couple of days after the incident, Paloma started to hear a mewing sound. After what happened two days before, she would not be surprised to find another cat. But instead, she saw the exact same cat, who decided to enter from the door this time.

Paloma had no clue why the kitten returned. But the cat seemed very confident. This time, he was not lost. Paloma decided to wait for a minute, and see what was on the kitten’s mind. When she stepped back, the cat walked right into the studio and lined up with the students. He looked at what they were doing and started to mimic them. Paloma realized she just got another student excited to learn yoga.

Since then, the kitten likes to come by when he feels like it. Paloma’s students named him Snow, because of his nice white fur. They already got used to the company of a kitten when they attend yoga classes. He definitely is a cool classmate to have.

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