The Dog Who Scares People Away Is Actually The Friendliest

Cody has been living Dog Who Scares People Dog Breeds

When Cody meets people he already knows. Dog Who Scares People

Cody has been living in a shelter nearly his entire life. Despite being the most playful, sweet, and friendly dog ever, people who visit the shelter usually do not look at him. It is pretty sad to see, as the dog is slowly losing hope. Dog Who Scares People

There once was an incidence of a family wanting to adopt Cody. The shelter staff was so excited and made all the preparations to send Cody to his new family. They packed his bags and were ready for the family to show up. However, at the very last minute, the family called and let them know that they changed their mind. Cody was so close to leaving the shelter. But all he can do now is go back into his cage.

The shelter staff knows why Cody does not get the attention of many people. It is his bit reactive personality. New people or objects, or things like cars usually scare him, and he ends up barking at them. That is the Cody the visitors see, and they do not even want to give him a chance. But what they do not know is that Cody becomes super friendly when he gets to know someone. All the barking is only his first reaction.

When Cody meets people he already knows, he comes right to greet them, wagging his tail. Usually, he brings his toys too, to show them off. He actually likes interacting with people and with other dogs. All he needs is a little bit of time to get to know them.

Cody would be lucky to be placed in a home in the countryside, with a lot of areas where he can play. Otherwise, an apartment would be just great too, if only the owners are willing to spend a bit of time getting him used to such a life. There is no doubt Cody would be the perfect addition to any family that gives him a chance to show his true personality.

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