An Entire Cat Family Got Stuck In The School Conditioning System

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It Took The School Three Days To Rescue All The Kittens

The mystery of cats at the school in Northern California started on Tuesday, when everyone heard meowing sound coming from the ceiling. The teachers took apart the vents on the ceiling, to see what they could find. Through the air conditioning unit, it was not hard to see that there was a mother cat with two of her babies on the roof of the school. The school maintenance workers managed to get them down on the ground. It was an adventurous days for both the students and all the staff of the school.

But the adventures did not end that day. On Wednesday morning, the meowing sounds came back. This time, there was no one on the roof. But the sounds kept coming from the ceiling. Once again, it was time for the maintenance workers to show what they could. They came to take apart the vent again. This time, they found three kittens right inside the building. They were stuck near the air conditioning units. They somehow managed to get there.

On Wednesday, when the kittens were already the main subject to talk about in the entire school, the meowing sounds appeared once again. This time, there was nothing on the roof, and there was nothing in the vent either. Now, the staff needed to use their creativity to find out where the kittens were.

But the maintenance guy, who was already the favorite staff member at school, knew exactly what to do. After taking the vent apart once again, the opened the conditioning unit as well. In the piles of cotton, he got a tiny kitten, and handed him to one of the students. When everyone was cheering up, he told them that there was one more. He got the second kitten out of the conditioner.

That was the rescue story of an entire cat family that took three days. Luckily, none of the kittens were injured. Thanks to the maintenance workers, both the kittens and the school were safe now.

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