A Rescue Donkey Learns To Run Again

A Rescue Donkey Learns Positive

Kicking and running around with the dogs.Learns To Run Again

When Hamoriko first arrived at the Starting Over Sanctuary, he was so weak that he could not even stand up on his own. He was awfully skinny, having no muscles, just skin and bones. He used to be starving for so many days that when Sharon, in the sanctuary gave him some food, he even had difficulties chewing it. Sharon admitted that she had never seen an animal in such a condition.Learns To Run Again

At nights, Sharon used to place some of the other animals from the sanctuary in the same room as Hamoriko to keep him compony and to give him a little bit of emotional support.

After a couple of days spent in the sanctuary, Sharon noticed that a donkey started to put some effort in learning how to stand up and trying to walk on his own and that gave have her a little hope. Sharon saw that Hamoriko wanted her to help him to heal and get better.

A Rescue Donkey Learns

After a month, Hamoriko was not only able to walk but he was also jumping, kicking and running around with the dogs. That is when his personality really started to come out. He turned out to be very curious. Hamoriko loves to look around and just explore everything. He follows Sharon everywhere she goes. Sharon says that his personality is very much similar to her dog’s, with the name Velco, with whom Hamoriko became best friends.

Whenever there is a new rescue at the sanctuary, Hamoriko is always there to greet them and show them that they are safe now. It just gives so much joy to Sharon, seeing her donkey all healthy and cheerful, ready to brighten up everybody’s day he meets. He is currently leaving his best life in the sanctuary, a life full of freedom and peace.

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