Three 13-year-old boys save a dog on the street, who was disabled

Three teenage friends in Acadia Parish Animal World

Three boys saved life of the injured dog that could no longer move

When we come across an animal in distress, it is our duty to stop and bring help. It is an instinctive and natural behavior that we have clear incentives to follow in different parts of the world. Three 13-year-olds have done nothing less, showing a truly excellent level of responsibility and maturity. While they were cycling around Acadia Parish, the three young men noticed the presence of an animal in the grass. When they realized that it was a dog in difficulty, the three immediately made an effort to help him.

The three boys, Wade, Tyler and Brayden, initially did not even know if the dog was alive. The poor animal did not seem to move  at all from its position. When, however, they saw his eyes move, they felt infinite joy because they knew that the dog was alive. They themselves were about to save him. The three young people immediately contacted a volunteer association that deals with rescuing animals in difficulty, Haseya’s New Beginning Animal Rescue, and explained to them the seriousness of the situation.

To protect the dog from vehicles that could possibly hit him, as he was too close to the road, the 3 boys positioned their bikes in such a way as to form a kind of protective barrier. They patiently waited for the volunteers to arrive. They wanted the poor injured dog to end up in good hands.

Katie Leblanc, one of the volunteers, said the situation could have been much worse if the boys hadn’t intervened. To be honest, the dog probably wouldn’t have made it. A real stroke of luck, considering the fact that the young people could have not noticed the injured dog.

Luckily all is well what ends well: the dog has also found his family, who had lost sight of him for a week, following a trip in the fresh air.

In a world where bad news and violence against animals often dominate, the good example of these kids inevitably stands out and bodes well for the future.

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