Three baby raccoons are found in the trash bin: fascinating scene

On New Year's Eve we rescued three baby raccoons Animal World

Three raccoons were trying to find some food when the dog and his mom noticed them

During an early morning walk this June, Toby sensed trouble from a nearby trash bin. The rescue dog immediately sprang into action, dragging his mom along with him. There, the duo stumbled upon three little babies who desperately needed their help.

“I saw him looking north and ears perked,” Rebecca Brooks, Toby’s mom us. “We have seen many large and small critters including deer, turkey, racoons and opossums wandering down our street, so I looked for what he was focusing on. Toby’s intuition led Brooks to a surprising discovery.

“That’s when I heard some scratching noises and saw two tiny black paws trying to reach the top of the bin,” Brooks said. “We walked over and that’s when I noticed three baby raccoons trying to get out, but the trash was too low for them to do so.”

Brooks and Toby rushed home to find something to help get the babies to safety.

“I hurried inside to wake my daughter [for help filming],” she said. “She got up right away and put her shoes on. I grabbed the broom and we headed out.”

The babies accepted the offer of help before stopping to silently thank the rescue duo. And this isn’t the first time Brooks and Toby have come to the aid of wildlife together.

“We rescued a bigger raccoon a year or so ago with the help of a neighbor’s ladder,” Brooks said. “I’ll find an inexpensive ladder or piece of wood somewhere to keep near the bin for future rescues. I didn’t want the babies to get too hot.”

Normally, the bins remain closed. If they are open, it’s not for long, Brooks added.

“I am so thankful they understood what we were trying to do,” she said. “And Toby was amazing. Not a single bark or growl the entire time. Mama and babies have been seen around the area, skittering from one storm drain to another. I can only imagine our neighborhood dumpster buffet feeds them well.”

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