Lost bunny was looking for help in the woman’s backyard

Lost bunny was looking Animal World

Lost bunny gave the impression as if looking for his loved ones

Morgan Atha installed a security camera to keep an eye on her property. She never dreamed that it might end up helping an animal in need. But when she recently reviewed the footage, she spotted a little lost bunny running in circles. There was an impression, as if looking for his loved ones. Atha didn’t immediately know where he’d come from, but she knew she had to help.

“We were in our garage and my husband said, ‘There’s a white bunny in our yard,’” Atha told. “We looked back on our cameras and saw he came from behind our house in the woods. We’ve never had a rabbit show up in our yard before.”

Despite living in an area with plenty of room to roam, Atha hadn’t seen anything like this before. The bunny appeared to be a domesticated pet rabbit, not one who lived in the woods.

“I grabbed my dog’s crate. It took me, my husband and neighbor about 10 minutes to lure the rabbit in,” Atha said. “That’s when we realized how calm and gentle he was.”

Atha didn’t know much about caring for rabbits, but with a few quick internet searches, she knew what to do to make the tired and hungry bunny comfortable.

“We went to tractor supply that same night and got him hay and rabbit pellets,” Atha said. “We’re not sure how old he is, but he looked young.”

The bunny, whom she temporarily named Peter, had a friendly nature, which led Atha to think he’d gotten separated from his family somehow.

“We posted a picture of him on my Facebook page that same day, and shared it to local lost pet pages asking if anyone was missing him,” Atha said. “I also went through the neighborhood, which leads to the back of the woods he came from.”

The search didn’t prove successful. After a week of trying to find his original owners, Atha posted on social media one last time asking if anyone would be interested in fostering or adopting Peter.

A woman replied, saying she wanted to give her bunny a friend. Despite whatever led to Peter running to Atha’s house for help, he finally found a forever home where he could live his very best life.

“After she picked him up, she sent me a picture of Peter lying and cuddling with her 8-year-old son,” Atha said. “It was a happy ending that made me feel at peace knowing I did something good.”

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