Puppy Who Adores Flowers

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Puppy Who Loves Flowers Spreads Joy

Ever since Finn was a little puppy, Sarah noticed that he has a very lovely habit. Finn loves the smell of flowers a lot. Whenever he sees a flower, or any other plant with interesting looks, he needs to stop by, and reach out to sniff it. Finn’s family first noticed it when Sarah got flowers as a gift on her birthday. The bouquet got Finn’s attention right away. Although he was just a newborn puppy then, he got so excited seeing the flowers. He could not get enough of them.

Finn’s favorite place ever has always been their garden. It is not large, but is full of all kinds of plants, which it is all Finn needs for happiness. Whenever they go for a walk, there is no way Finn misses a single flower. He needs to approach one at a time, and sniff each one of them.

Sarah and her family want to make Finn’s day more memorable from time to time. And they know exactly what to do for that. They like to take him to large stores, where he can see a wide variety of plants and flowers. Sarah likes to carry Finn in the cart. Whenever they pass by a plant, Finn is ready to stick his head out to explore it.

Finn has a talent of spreading positivity, and brightening up people’s days. Whenever people see him at stores, or in the parks, they do not hesitate to approach and pet him. Fin too, loves being in the center of attention. Sometimes, seeing Finn enjoying the smell of the flowers, people want to cheer him up. If someone has a flowers in his hands, he approaches and lets Finn see them too.

Finn truly is a walking ray of sunshine, who is just so in love with the beauty around him. And with his positivity, he gives joy to everyone who sees him.

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