The sweetest friendship between dog and homeless man

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The sweetest friendship is born between a homeless dog and a man

Meet Sora and his dad, TikTok user Colzout. Each and every day, the fluffy, friendly pup brings joy to his proud parent’s life. But Sora’s big heart and loving spirit aren’t directed at him alone. One day, while out for a walk near their home in Paris, Sora made a new friend — a man experiencing homelessness, named Bruno. That chance meeting changed Colzouti’s heart, and ultimately Bruno’s circumstances, too. Later on, the sweetest friendship is born.

“Sora stopped short in front of a young man sitting in front of his tent,” Colzouti wrote. “Their eyes meet and Sora leaps forward to go see him. Reflexively, filled with preconceived ideas, I stopped Sora immediately. I acknowledge [the man] and decided to leave, but Sora refuses to move. He looks at Bruno. I call him back, but he refuses to budge. I decided to attach his leash and nudge him away, and that’s when Sora looks at me with eyes only a dog can give. Bruno gave a big smile.”

This was only the beginning. Colzouti was touched to see his dog’s warmth toward a man down on his luck. It helped span a bridge of empathy in his own heart.

“At that moment, I realized two things: That my dog and a stranger had everything to teach me about loving your neighbor,” Colzouti wrote. “And that I will do what it takes to thank this stranger who taught me this valuable lesson.” From there, these visits became a daily ritual.

In addition to the daily doses of love from Sora, Colzouti offered him food and clothing, and help in getting his life back on track. And their efforts paid off. Since these videos were posted online, things have only gotten better for Bruno.
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“Bruno changed his life. He no longer lives on the street,” Colzouti told The Dodo. “This story has greatly helped him get off the streets.” It all began with Sora’s big heart. Colzouti and Sora no longer see Bruno when they’re out for a walk every day, but they haven’t lost touch. Nowadays, they meet each week for a playdate.

The love of a dog can be life-changing. And in this case, it was. “Their connection is touching, moving, and very sincere,” Colzouti said. “Sora has a mad love for human beings. And he shows it as soon as we give him the opportunity.”

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