Gabi Mann is a crow-lover girl who receives gifts from them

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Gabi a 8-years-old girl has collection of gifts from crows

Gabi Mann, the little protagonist of this beautiful true story, is only 8 years old. She has experienced a relationship of friendship and trust for over four years with a small flock of crows. Gabi feeds them every day with scraps of food, nuts, and canned dog food! In response, the crows have been giving her for some years now, different kinds of small “gifts” . It is a sign of their gratitude and appreciation. And Gabi jealously preserves every object offered by the crows in meticulously labeled little plastic bags!

This little 8-year-old girl named Gabi Mann from Seattle, Washington started feeding the crows with her brother almost by chance! In fact, Gabi started in late 2013. So, The birds in question appreciated the birdseed mix that she left at the bus stop for them every morning. Later on, they began to frequently assume behaviors in which they clearly demonstrated that they recognized the person who gave them those food.

Little by little, Gabi’s entire family began to take interest in the flock of friendly and generous crows. These crows gathered every day waiting for the child to go home to give the crows their food.  In fact, it was precisely Gabi’s compassionate habit that gave way to the crows adopting their own habit of bringing her small gifts. Crows brought these gifts in return for the food they received from her.

These dark-feathered birds have donated a bit of everything to Gabi’s family over the years. From screws and nails to used and lost earrings, door and window hinges, polished pebbles, odd pieces of wire and metal. Even, they brought the lens cover of Gabi’s mother Lisa’s camera, that she had lost days ago. She lost while taking photos of little Gabi.

This story is undoubtedly proof that crows, often wrongly linked to contexts and negative feelings, are truly among the most friendly and intelligent raptors that exist on planet Earth. And little Gabi Mann would most certainly agree!

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