The guy accidentally leaves the door open and finds a dog in his house

Guy Accidentally Leaves His Front Door Open, Gets Animal World

The guy adopts the dog that was accidentally found in his living room

It was about 4:00 am when Jack Jokinen’s wife started shaking the man to wake him up. Having a small one-month-old baby, it was not too strange for the guy to wake up at that hour. But the woman’s agitation immediately alarmed him but she said: “Don’t worry, the baby is fine. But we have a puppy dog inside the house!”

What? Jack felt completely confused. Outside it was raining and Jack had closed all the doors and windows. Well, how could a puppy dog ​​have entered their house?

Yet there it was, a small mixed breed honey-colored female Labrador dog lying on the rug in his living room!

Once downstairs, Jack immediately started checking all the possible hiding places. He believed that someone could have entered the house. Nothing.

After he had finished checking the rooms, he had found nothing and still had no clue as to how that dog could have ended up in his living room.

But Jack remembered that he did have one final way to find out. He started to check the images captured on the surveillance camera located outside above the front door entranceway.

And this is how he revealed the mystery.

From the video, Jack was able to see the moment when he had come home from his walk last night with George, his dog, and then he noticed that he had not closed the door properly.

Consequently, during the night, the storm and a strong gust of wind had opened the door to the house. So, around 3:15 am, a dog – whom Jack promptly renamed Suzy – had quietly entered the house.

Jack also saw on the video that about half an hour later, a passer-by, that appears to be a man is seen walking near the house and he noticed that the front door was open.

From the video, you can see the stranger approaching the front door to check if everything was OK and, then after a few seconds, he closed the door before leaving.

Had it not been for that unknown man, not only would the guy and his wife have spent the entire night with the front door wide open. However, also Suzy probably would never have stayed.

Jack and his wife dried the poor dog, trying to make it feel at ease.

The next day, they called their local animal control services. But they immediately realized that letting it go there was not the best option.

Especially since Suzy was in very poor condition. In fact, she was so skinny, walked only on one leg, she had damaged teeth, and she had no collar.

So instead of letting the dog go to the animal shelter, they took her to the vet. In vet it was surprising for the couple that the “puppy” was actually about 9 years old!

The couple finally decided to help Suzy and adopt her: “We decided that of all the bad things that could have happened due to leaving the front door open at night, in the middle of winter, in a big city, finding a sweet little dog in the living room was certainly not the worst thing, on the contrary we must give it a chance,” said Jokinen.

After publishing a post online that was promptly shared by many people on the Internet in a very short time, Jokinen received as much as $15,000 in donations from many users who were struck by Suzy’s story!


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