A Woman Adopts A Senior Cat And Gives Him All Her Love

also called house cat Cat Breeds

Since he used to be a stray cat

Heiko used to be a stray cat. A woman that noticed him on the streets took him to a shelter because he seemed to be very sick. It turned out that he had an infection in his teeth, and the vets had no choice other than removing them. In addition to that, he also had a problem with his ears and had an immune system virus. At that time nobody thought that he would make it, but his vet saved his life.

Heiko met Petra right after his surgery, and the woman immediately decided to adopt him. Heiko was sixteen then. Petra knew how hard it could be to find a home for a senior special needs cat, so she decided to take her in.

Heiko loved being around his new family and Petra with her husband loved him just as much, if not more. Since he used to be a stray cat, he never really got enough food. Now he demanded food all the time. He likes to constantly remind Petra and her husband of that, just in case. Heiko turned out to be a patient but also a lazy animal. He liked staying inside the house and doing nothing. Petra likes to say that he probably thought he was the king of that place and the people there were there as his servants.

Unfortunately, Heiko passed away on January 23rd 2022, after spending 4 years living in a house full of love and affection. Heiko’s vet also shared the loss of the family. The family came up with a wonderful idea of planting trees in their garden in Heiko’s memory. He really loved the garden and now it feels like a part of him is still with Petra and her husband. Heiko definitely deserved all the comfort he got from these lovely people until his last breath.

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