Kitten Tiny Was Stuck Three Meters Down The Pipe

A tiny kitten fell into a drain pipe Animal World

A Group Of Friends Got The Kitten Out Of The Pipe

Anita and two of her friends heard some sound coming from the ground. They realized it came from the underground pipe. They came closer, and found out it was a mewing sound. But the Kitten was so far down the pipe that they could not even see him. This did not discourage the group, as they could not leave a living creature stuck there. Instead, they went home to bring everything they needed, and started the work.

First of all, they wanted to know how far down the kitten was. So they used their camera on a stick to see how far it goes to reach the kitten. Apparently, the kitten was about three meters down. Then, it was time to get him out of there. For that, they used a rope, hoping to get it around the kitten and to lift him up.

Using the camera, the friends could see that the kitten was so desperate. He was all worn out, and would sometimes stop reacting at all. That was why Anita kept talking to him, and even mewing to him to get the response. It worked surprisingly well. Whenever the cat heard Anita, he knew they were there for him. He responded as well, and continued to fight on.

It was hard to get the rope at a good angle so that they could both get the kitten and not damage him. The cat knew exactly what was going on, so he was helping as well.

Finally, the kitten was out, and he was a lot tinier than anyone expected. He was just a baby that could fit in a palm. He looked very tired and stressed out. The friends did their best to keep him warm, and give him all their love to help him make it through the hard day.

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