A Kitten With Deformed Arms Learns To Walk

It has been a long A Kitten With Deformed Cat Breeds

Elena says that she is very happy

Elena has been fostering with Austin Pets Alive for years now. Throughout that time she has been able to help a lot of animals. She had never thought of fostering a special needs animal. But that was until she saw the picture of Picklin’s on the shelter’s website. She noticed right away that something was not right with his arms. He should have been able to keep up with his mom and siblings. But he was left alone, probably because he was unable to walk.A Kitten With Deformed

By the time Elena took him in, Picklin was only 4 weeks old. At first, she had to take him to the vet every week. She needed to constantly keep an eye on him to make sure that he ate properly. Picklin eventually did learn how to walk, even with his arms all twisted. It felt like he did not even have an idea that he was any different.

A Kitten With Deformed

It has been a long journey for both of them trying to figure out what exactly was going on with him and whether they could cure it. The MRI confirmed Elena’s suspicions of Picklin having fluids in his brain. She was expecting it, since she had noticed that Picklin was looking a little different in the face. Elena says that it breaks her heart not knowing how much time there is left for Picklin, but she tries to make the best out of each day spent with him.

Elena says that she is very happy that she was able to meet Picklin and give him a chance to live. Most of the times, shelters put animals like him to sleep, because they are hard to handle. She often hears people say that Pickles is so lucky to have her, but she wants them to know that the little kitten has definitely done more for her than she did for him.
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