Wild Sea Lion Is Hotel’s Regular Visitor

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 Sea Lion Is Hotel’s who prefers the pool water over the ocean.

There is one sea lion, who prefers the pool water over the ocean, and the lounge chair over the sand on the beaches. Her name is Wendy. The staff member of the Solymar Hotel on the Galapagos Islands are quite used to their regular visitor. They are always happy to welcome her and provide her with all the comforts she needs. However, it is the visitors of the hotel, who always get surprised.

Here is Wendy’s daily routine. She swims in the ocean by the hotel, then uses the stairs to climb into the outdoor area of the hotel. She definitely has already mastered the stairs! After that, she makes her way to the pool, which is right next to the stairs, and dives right in. This scene never fails to get the visitor’s attention and make them laugh in amazement.

Wendy has become the local celebrity, keeping all the cameras on her when diving into the pool. But the real fun begins afterwards. When Wendy does not feel like swimming anymore, the next thing to do is to rest on the lounge chair beside the pool, and take a nap. Moreover, there is one particular chair that Wendy likes, and people better stay away from that one! Otherwise, she will not hesitate to make it clear that the spot is hers.

She is just so comfortable in the hotel! She knows that people are going to welcome her and be very kind towards her. That is why she made the hotel her second home, and never fails to visit it. The spokesperson of the hotel tells with confidence that they are willing to welcome any guests, it be a person or a marine creature.

The visitors of the hotel take the most beautiful pictures of Wendy. She has become the attraction that people are excited to see when visiting the hotel.

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