Woman Grew Up With Dolphins

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Alison created a game to play with Dolphins

For Alison, diving into the deep ocean and playing with the dolphins is a common practice. People usually ask how it all started, and how she came to the idea of swimming to the dolphins. And the answers amazes them even more. Alison has been doing it since she was a child. The thing is that she has always lived in a remote area in Hawaii. She did not have any friends, and she felt alone. Instead, she decided to dive into the ocean and find some friends from those who live by her side.

It is amazing how dolphins just accepted her. Alison calls them ohana, which means family. She is sure that the dolphins think of her as their family too. Alison created a game to play with them when she was a kid, and she still plays with them. She passes a leaf to them, and they play fetch with it. They first catch it with their nose, and then kick it back with their tail.

Sometimes, they might see a plastic bag floating in the ocean, and confuse it with a leaf, which is very sad. It only shows that these creatures, as well as many other ocean dweller do not distinguish between leaves and plastic. As a result, they usually get trapped in the plastic, which is abundant in the ocean.

Alison always swims with the same group of dolphins. She has known them for so long that she can recognize each individual. She even gave names to each of them.

Alison says that whenever she dives, she does not go close to them at first. She likes to keep her distance, and if the dolphins want to play, they will come to her themselves. The reason is that she does not want to disturb them.

Alison considers herself truly lucky to have such wonderful group of friends, who welcomed her into their world with such a warm heart, and continue playing with her after so many years.

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