Upset little girl cannot find her favorite hen and draws a lost poster

Saying she is too upset to talk. Animal World

The upset little girl has drowned her lovely hen with the hope to find him again

Pets are an integral part of the family. And, that is why as soon as they get sick, most owners immediately get concerned and upset. Wouldn’t you feel worried if a loved one wasn’t feeling well? For most people who open their homes to pets, they feel the same. This may be why little Ana Romina, a 4-year-old girl, became upset when she discovered that one of her pet hens disappeared. The upset little girl, determined to find her “Brown Hen”. A name she gave the animal herself. She drew a lost poster, to alert anyone who finds her pet hen to bring her home. The poster went viral, touching everyone’s heartstrings.

Ana Romina’s mother, Melissa Soto, shared the sad incident on Facebook. She also posted photos of her daughter crying in despair and with her hands covering her face. The little girl, who didn’t have a photo of her beloved hen, decided to draw a picture of it on a poster. She hoped that someone would recognize her. On the poster-placed outside of a family farm in Mexico – there is also the word “wanted” at the top. In another poster, the little girl also drew a portrait of herself. In that painting, she had a sad face to show how much she was grieving the loss of “Brown Hen”.

Ana’s mother shared the photos on Facebook, hoping that the powerful social network could reunite her daughter with her favorite hen. There is still no trace of the hen. However, the world saw the post, moving thousands of users who have come across the tragic story of “Brown Hen”.

Little Ana Romina’s reaction shows how strong the bond between a pet and the family can be. Wouldn’t you suffer the same way if your little dog or cat disappeared into thin air?

We hope that this family will soon find the missing hen and that nobody has had a “Brown Hen” roast chicken dinner recently.

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