Possum made it a habbit to attend university lectures: the best guest

Possum made it a habbit became never agrees. Animal World

Possum became a funny guest of the students in Australia 

If you go to school in Australia, you better not be afraid of your fluffy neighbors, because they usually come by to say hi. They know people are happy to see them, so they do not miss a chance to join them in their daily activities. For example, this particular brush-tailed possum has a keen interest in education, and visits the Newcastle University pretty often.

He probably takes advantage of the university not charging him with the tuition fee, and gladly attends the lectures.

The students of Newcastle University admit that their four-footed classmates are the best. They never fail to make everyone’s day when they appear in the lecture halls. The possum who always attends Newcastle lectures, however, likes to come in from the ceiling. Doors, he thinks, are a bit mainstream. So students need to concentrate on their classes while there is a possum staring at them from the ceiling.

No matter how hard the lecturers try to get the possu`m down on the floor, he never agrees. He somehow managed to find a way to get to the lecture hall from the ceiling, and prefers to stay there hanging.

Possum made it a habbit became never agrees.

The possum, however, is not a very attentive student. Instead of focusing on the class, he would rather observe the students. And he is definitely good at it. He spots everything they do. We would not be wrong to say that while people go to college to learn about the would surrounding us, some animals attend classes to learn about people.

The university principle tells that creatures like possum are quite harmless.

Thus, they are welcome to come in whenever they like to. Usually, they prefer to make visits at night, as they are nocturnal. But sometimes, they make students’ day by showing up to them. Everyone in the Newcastle University agrees singlehandedly, that their college life would not be the same without their fluffy visitors.

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