Geckos: something interesting we do not know about them

Geckos something interesting we do not know Animal World

Geckos are lucky reptiles that can catch up to 200 mosquitoes

The subject of many legends, beliefs and above all a lot of prejudice are geckos. They are among the most common reptiles that we can meet during the hot summer period. Many houses, during the four hottest months of the year have hosted at least one. We can find them crouched in the interstices between the windows or doors of the house. They are absolute wizards in knowing how to hide and escape. As well as, they have extraordinary mimetic abilities. And despite everything, many people still have a fear of them.

There are many interesting facts about geckos, reptiles that are part of the Gekkonidae family. Many of the things that people wrote about them are unfortunately linked to prejudices and erroneous urban legends. Having a gecko as a “friend” can be a great advantage for us human beings. So, the next time you notice them sneaking through a crack in your door or window or standing still on the wall of your house, don’t chase them away or get rid of them. They can perform some truly amazing.

These cute reptiles have prehensile feet that allow them to move and remain firmly attached to any surface. There are tiny hair in their legs that act as if they were suckers. These are excellent weapons that allow the most common geckos not only to adapt to any environment. However, to capture with ease and skill some of the prey most “hated” by humans during the hot summer months: from mosquitoes to flies, to bedbugs, spiders, and even scorpions; apparently, geckos have the ability to “clean up” some of the most unwelcome insects in and around the home, eating up to 200 mosquitoes!

It’s therefore no coincidence that in many cultures this resourceful little reptile is seen as an unexpected home protector and lucky charm probably because it has the ability to catch and eliminate some of the most irritating and unwelcome insects for human beings. It may also be because of its extraordinary ability to blend in, which saves it from the unwanted attentions of people who want to hunt it. Geckos also have small scales which are hydro-repellent and protect it from drops of water.

These and many others are the reasons why it is advisable not to kill or even get rid of a gecko when you find one in your house: it could be a natural resource for warding off unwanted insects, and you would do better to leave it well alone!

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