In Search For A Family For Rudy

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This might have been the case with this particular Family For Rudy as well.

Rudy is a senior German shepherd with personality big as his ears and endless love towards life. However, he has one problem. The shelter has difficulties finding a family who will be willing to adopt him. Because Rudy is already six years old, people do not really look at him when looking for a dog to take home. Even when they are interested in the dog, and give it a try, they soon decide that the dog is not a good fit for their Family For Rudy

Recently, there was a family who adopted the dog. However, after some time, the shelter found the dog abandoned outside, and brought him back to the shelter. Usually, people do not want to adopt Rudy because he sheds a lot, and he is large in size. This might have been the case with this particular family as well.

Whatever the reason was, now Rudy is once again back in the shelter. In some cases, dogs that do not find a family are able to live their best lives in the shelter. However, it is a bit of a problem for Rudy. As he is a large dog, he needs a lot of space to run around, while the shelter only provides him with small rooms.

The shelter staff knows everything about Rudy’s personality. He loves going for walks, loves cuddles, and likes to have puppuccinos when stopping at Starbucks. He is very curious, and is totally in love with life. Simple things like the good weather, and the nice nature can easily make his day. Rudy is also a very social dog despite his age. Meeting other dogs or new people is always thrilling for him.

It is surprising how a dog with such a big heart is unable to find a forever home. But the shelter does not give up, and believes that there is a family out there who is a perfect fit for Rudy.

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