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The Imperial Scorpion- is one of the most famous species and also one of the largest in the world. This is one of the oldest creatures that have survived to this day. Scorpions have lived on planet Earth for almost 300 million years, and over the years they have not changed much. You can watch them in their natural environment only at night. There are over a thousand species of scorpions, all of which are venomous to some degree, but only about twenty of them have a deadly bite.

Origin of the species and description.

The Imperial Scorpion (Pandinus imperator) is the largest scorpion species in the world. Its average length is about 20-21 cm, and its weight is 30 g. Pregnant women are much larger and heavier than their relatives. However, some species of forest scorpions are quite similar in size, and the scorpion Heterometrus swammerdami holds the world record among fellows in length (23 cm). Animals are growing fast. Their life cycle is a maximum of 8 years. They reach full maturity in 5-6 years (adult size).

Then the genus was subdivided into five subgenera, but the division into subgenera is now in question. Other common names by which the animal is known are Black Emperor Scorpion and African Emperor Scorpion.

The imperial scorpion is dark blue or bright black in color.
Photo: Tropical Photo: Emperor Scorpion

After molting, these scorpions acquire a golden color from tail to head, which gradually darkens, until the intense black color, the usual coloring of adults.

Fun fact! Emperor scorpions are fluorescent under ultraviolet light. They appear bluish green, allowing humans and other animals to detect them and take precautions.

The emperor scorpion can move very quickly over short distances. Moving long distances, he takes many rest breaks. Like many scorpions, he has very little stamina during his active stages. It tends to be nocturnal and does not leave its hiding places during the day.

Where does the imperial scorpion live?

The emperor scorpion is an African species found in tropical rainforests, but is also present in the savannah, in close proximity to termite mounds.

  • Benin (minor population in the western part of the country);
  • Burkina Faso (very common, almost everywhere);
  • Cote d’Ivoire (quite common, especially in hard-to-reach places);
  • Liberia (found in the humid savannas of the western and central parts);

The emperor scorpion lives in deep underground tunnels, under rocks, branch debris, and other forest debris, and in termite mounds. Pectins are sensory organs that help determine the area where they are located. The species prefers a relative humidity of 70-80%. For them, the most comfortable daytime temperature is 26-28 ° C, at night from 20 to 25 ° C.

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