Garbage in the woods could have killed a young deer

Garbage in the woods could Animal World

People had so little time to save the poor animal, Garbage in the woods

The residents of Long Island recently spotted something very unusual wandering around their neighborhood. The sight of a young deer with a plastic container on his head shocked them and became a cause of great concern. Obviously, the container, where the deer got his head stuck, prevented the animal from eating any kind of food or drinking water. The orange-tinted jar was also blurring her vision. As the days were passing by, the little deer was becoming weaker and weaker. The piece of trash that someone carelessly threw in the woods, was about the become a death sentence for the poor deer if people failed to help him.

As soon as the deer was sensing someone’s presence nearby, he was disappearing right into the woods again, preventing people from trying to approach him. No one was able to keep track of the shy animal. That made the Strong Island Animal Rescue very worried for the deer who might have not survived till the next morning.

Luckily, the poor guy eventually wandered into a yard, where the homeowner easily noticed him and contacted the rescue team. Despite him being extremely tired, the deer still did his best to flee and escape as the rescuers tried to act. “I knew it was already the fifth day. Another day would be the difference between life and death,” said Frankie Floridia, one of the rescuers. “I had to think quickly and make immediate actions.” Finally, I managed to pull the container off of the animal’s head until he made a run for it.

The young deer is probably doing alright now that he is free. It rained the day after, so he definitely found water. As for the food, that no doubt, was not a problem either. “I am sure now he is catching up on the Thanksgiving meal that he missed,”

Sadly, this kind of situation happens quite frequently. The rescue center shared this story online, asking the public to be more careful with the garbage that can cost animals their lives, Garbage in the woods.



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