A girl rescued her dogs from unwelcome animals

girl rescue a dog stuck in the Los Angeles Animal World

A girl pushes a bear off a wall to save her dogs’ lives

What wouldn’t we do to safeguard the lives of our animal friends. Especially if the latter are dealing with a mother bear and potentially dangerous cubs who have sneaked into the backyard. Yes, we know that it sounds like an absurd scene from a movie or in a television series. However, the incredible story we want to tell you today actually happened to a girl of only seventeen from California.

The girl’s name is Hailey Morinico, she is 17 and lives in California. Suddenly became a real internet heroine when her cousin posted the videos on her TikTok. What happened to Hailey in those few moments would have immobilized anyone in terror. Looking at these images we certainly don’t find it hard to believe.

Judging from the images from the camera, a bear with her cubs had sneaked into the backyard at girl’s home. The mama bear was about to enter the yard when Hailey’s dogs noticed her in their territory. Immediately they approached the bear to chase it away, barking very loudly. Mother bear, in return, acted as her nature dictated, that is, trying to reach the dogs with her claws but failing.

A few seconds of terror that could have ended in tragedy, averted thanks to the providential arrival of Hailey Morinico; the 17-year-old girl was alone in the house when she saw the scene from inside the home; all she could do was roll up her sleeves and make a great gesture of courage and recklessness: she ran out and pushed mama bear across the dividing wall in her yard, trying to get her away from her dogs and her home : “I walk up to the bear, look her in the eye and the first thing I think is I’m going to push her. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve pushed her that much. I just pushed her hard enough to make her lose her balance”, said the frightened girl.

But the fact is that her apparently rash gesture saved not only her life but also that of her pet dogs; The 17-year-old girl who lives in California said that in her area, surrounded by mountains, it’s very common for bears to come down to the valley to sneak into humans’ homes, but she never expected that she would have to face up to one and save herself with her bare hands…

Luckily Hailey Morinico was unharmed, as were her dogs: in those few thrilling seconds she had a really bad time, but all is well what ends well!

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