Tourist returns from vacation and finds 18 scorpions in her suitcase: scary scene

Of Austrian descent, this tourist had just returned from her vacation in Croatia. Animal World

Tourist felt surprised when she saw a family of scorpions in her bag

Every tourist chooses the holiday they prefer and most, when they need to return home, love to take a small souvenirs with them. The subject of this story was of this mind too. So, it was too bad that the souvenir the tourist had in her suitcase was not at all planned for or appreciated.

Of Austrian descent, this tourist had just returned from her vacation in Croatia. Then she realized that there was something very strange in her suitcase. She was just rearranging her clothes. And suddenely, the woman noticed something sticking out and, pulling the garments back a little, she realized she was looking at a bunch of scorpions. You read that right: an entire family of scorpions – a mother and 17 babies.

This is not what anyone would like to see, especially if you suffer from arachnophobia and don’t like creepy-crawlies. The woman, staying calm, immediately contacted an association that deals with the protection of this arachnid species and operatives went to her apartment to scoop them up and take them to safety.

The association, Tierhilfe Gusental (Gusental Animal Help), which deals with animal rescue, published a photo of the incident that went viral on the web. It was accompanied by a message in which they specify where the discovery took place and thank the tourist for calling them. By doing so, the scorpion family was rescued. At a later stage, will be taken back to a habitat more suited to their nature.

Having an experience like this would test the nerves of anyone, don’t you think? It would surely not be easy to open a suitcase, notice 18 scorpions and still remain calm. Of course, not all scorpions are venemous and dangerous to humans. However, it’s still frightening to come across so many unexpectedly.

Congratulations to this woman, then, for doing the right thing!

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