Toucan does not have lack of attention thanks to her loving owners

Large and impressive toucan with a huge orange Animal World

Toucan likes more attention so her owners do not leave her even for a minute

Having a pet is wonderful in so many ways, but it depends on the pet in question. No animal lover will tell you that keeping a particular species is hell. However, for some animals, there are some unusual demands. Raising a toucan is not the same as caring for a caged budgie. It requires care and attention well beyond the reach of most people. Janelle Tsao and her girlfriend Arielle were so happy when they first saw Touki, a small toucan in a breeder’s cage. Since Touki came into their lives, Janelle doesn’t regret anything. However, she warns: “Having a toucan is not for everyone, I haven’t been on vacation for two years.”

There are people who buy or adopt animals just for fun as if they were fashion accessories. We must not forget all the adopted puppies, who after a while, are found abandoned in the Street. Jannele and her girlfriend, Arielle, don’t regret having adopted Touki, but both have made considerable investments. Janelle can never leave home unless there is another adult present to control Touki. Toucans become very attached to the person who raise them. That’s why Janelle always has to find a replacement and, even in this case, the situation can still become unpleasant: the toucan screams and croaks like a parrot until Janelle returns home.

Animals, on the other hand, are a responsibility! Janelle spends around $80 a month to buy Touki fresh, exotic fruit, berries, dates, etc.

Moreover, there are many rules which need to be abided, since toucans fly, are very curious. Plastic sheets cover entirely Janelle’s house, especially on the sofas and areas that could get dirty easily. Cleaning up well is really essential. Beyond these limiting aspects, Janelle could not imagine herself living without her Touki. It is just like having a baby. Touki is so intelligent and his mistresses love him endlessly. Both, however, warn the casually curious animal lovers that to take care of a toucan you have to be “professionals”.

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