The Friendlies Tortoise Shows A Wide Range Of Emotions

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Henry Is The Friendliest Tortoise Who Likes To Make Funny Faces.The Friendlies Tortoise

Tara wanted to have a tortoise since she was a kid. But her dream only came true when she was already an adult. She got Henry, her new best friend. Tara lives in New York city. Here, Henry is a local celebrity for all the neighbors. Whenever they go out for a walk, there are people spotting him from afar and calling his name to get his attention. Henry totally loves it. He has always lived within people, so he needs that social interaction.The Friendlies Tortoise

Henry has a very wide range of emotions. Even though Tara had been interested in them for a while, she never knew that all the funny faces that they make actually express their emotions. She realized she should not have underestimated them. Henry usually makes Tara’s day with all the faces that he makes. Tara likes to mimic them and take videos.

Henry’s most favorite thing in the world is probably water. If he spots a pond, he is already on his way to it. If he needs to stay home, he prefers to stare at the running water in the sink.

But the most precious trait that Henry has is his lovely personality. Whenever Tara is away from home, Henry stands next to the door to meet her at once when she comes back. Whenever Henry is out to walk in the park, he loves to be around the other animals. As a lot of people bring their pets to the park, Henry gets to meet goats, dogs and many others. He always takes the initiatives to go and try to befriend them. Of course, if he does not see any nice flower on his way that distracts him.

Tara wants to make sure that she gives Henry the life he deserved. She takes him on trips to explore the nature, gets him involved in physical workouts, and lets him meets his friends as often as possible. No doubt Henry is lucky to have Tara as his family.

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