Taking The Hook Out Of Eagles Beak

Taking The Hook Out Of Eagles Beak Animal World

But she would be totally alright in only a couple of days,Eagles Beak

It had already been several days that the woman kept seeing an eagle with a hook stuck inside his beak. Seeing the bird struggle broke the woman’s heart. She could clearly see that every simple movement caused much inconvenience to the bird. Whenever she flew, she had that hook with a long rope hanging from her beak. Even when she rested on a branch of a tree, the hook clearly disturbed her. The woman says that she wanted to go up there and  take the hook out herself. But, of course, it was impossible.Eagles Beak

The woman was determined to do something to help the poor thing, so she ended up calling the rescue center. It took several people and a lot of caution to get the bird safely. The plan was to put some meet on the pavement to get the eagle’s attention, and hide in the trees, waiting for the bird to come down. Once the eagle had her attention on the food she had found, one of the rescue crew members quietly approached her and threw the net on top of her.

Taking The Hook Out Of Eagle's Beak
Taking The Hook Out Of Eagles Beak

After that, taking the bird to the vet center was not a big of a problem. The veterinarians had all the tools that they needed to take the hook out without causing further injuries. Unfortunately, the hook had already done its damage, but the wound would heal in no time. The bird only needed to stay in the recovery center for several days with some bandage around her beak. It most likely was a bit uncomfortable, and limited her sight. But she would be totally alright in only a couple of days.

Once the wound had healed and the eagle was able to fly properly, the veterinarians immediately took her back into the nature and released her where she belonged.

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