Piglet the pink-haired dog became the symbol of overcoming problems

Piglet got his name because of his light pink color as a young puppy Animal World

Piglet is a dog with health problems that helps young children to overcome the difficulties

Piglet, the pink-haired dog, is capturing attention on the Internet more and more each day. This is especially true since the owner of this specimen has opened an Instagram account. Owners posted the photos of this incredible four-legged friend that have been shared far and wide!

This dog has also had an amazing life. Her way is going from living on the streets and to becoming a popular dog ​​for young children.

Rescued from the streets of a town in Georgia, Piglet has received the best care from Melissa Shapiro. A veterinarian, immediately took to heart the fate of this unusual pink-colored puppy.

Piglet, indeed, has serious physical problems as this tiny little dog was born both deaf and blind. Despite the difficulty in raising a dog with such problems, Melissa fell in love with Piglet. So, she decided that he had to be part of her life, so she adopted him.

Despite living in Melissa’s house along with six other puppies, Piglet was very shy and anxious at first. It was really difficult for him to adapt. But then things changed for the little dog.

Thanks to the support of a third grade class, Piglet has become a therapy dog ​​for children with difficulties. These children face a difficult life and have to deal with various social problems.

This splendid blind and deaf pink dog has, therefore, become a symbol of being able to overcome problems. She teaches to still live a life that is full of love and purpose.

Moreover, this positive message has encouraged other people to also adopt four-legged friends that might have “special needs”.

In fact, thanks to the funds received, Melissa Shapiro was able to collect the sum of $30,000 to help animal shelters. She also helped the non-profit organizations that encourage the adoption of special needs dogs.

Today, Piglet has an Instagram page followed by more than 123,000 followers. This admirable little dog continues to be a model of courage and solidarity in the world of animal adoptions. Congratulations, little Piglet!


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