Lizard made himself home inside a plastic dinosaur: it was scary and surprising

cat Lizard uses this plastic Animal World

Lizard uses this plastic dinosaur as his new home

Stacey and Michael are good neighbors. What connects them is that they both have nice gardens which they love and take pride in. Another common thing they have is that their gardens are full of lizards. They probably also appreciate the variety of plants and love to be surrounded by them.

As Stacy and Michael have lived side by side for a while, they developed a small habit. When one is not watching, the other places plastic dinosaurs in the garden. This way, both the neighbors already have tens of dinosaur decorating their gardens. They think it is cute, and that the dinosaurs go just perfectly with the types of flowers they have.

One day, Stacy thought there was something moving in her garden. She looked back just to see one of the plastic dinosaurs. She thought it was just an illusion. But then, as she looked closer, she realized there was a tiny lizard hiding inside the dinosaur. It was hilarious. The animal was sticking his head from the mouth of the dinosaur. It looked like he dressed up in a dinosaur costume for Halloween. But the fact that the lizard actually looked like the dinosaur so much only made it funnier.

Ever since the lizard never left the garden. He would take sunbathe on the cactuses and would go back into the dinosaur to take a nap. A lot of people started to visit Stacy’s garden to see its permanent residence. Because of that, the lizard became a bit shy and likes to hide inside the dinosaur. But in general, he is very confident and friendly.

Stacy likes the fact that her garden is serving as a home for a wild animal. She also loves that the lizard seems to recognize her, and does not shy away. He became like a real family member.

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