Huge lizard got caught in the net: the man did his best to help

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Huge Lizard untangled himself from the net thanks to a man

It was a summer evening in Goa, India when the locals heard the screams of a huge lizard. It happened to be a gigantic one, who somehow walked into the town and got himself into trouble. Before anyone had even noticed there was a huge lizard walking alongside people, he managed to get himself trapped in the net. Moreover, his attempts to free himself only worsened the situation.

As a result, the net went around him tens of times, creating a huge layer of plastic around him. There was no way the lizard could get rid of it on his own. People too, did not know if they would be able to help.

A man volunteered to do the job, while the neighbors were watching the process. Some of them were taking videos. At first, the huge lizard would not let the man come close. He kept screaming and making sudden movements. There was a chance he could even bite. But everything changed when the man started to use scissors to cut the nets. The lizard probably saw he was getting help and became a lot more calm.

Soon, the lizard could run, which he tried to do. But there was still a lot of net around him. The man wanted to make sure there is nothing restricting his movements before he released him. After cutting several more strings of net, the lizard was ready to go. However, there was one last thing to take care of.

For some reason, the lizard kept turning to the way of the town. That would be dangerous not only for the residents but for himself as well. The man realized he needed to carry him to a more remote area. Otherwise, they would need to meet the lizard once again. So he dragged him all the way to the forest, where the lizard was finally released. Once the man let him go, he ran all his feet into the bushes.

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