Dog ring bearer accidentally stops wedding: he has lost his ball

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The dog ring bearer found his ball and cheered up the guests

As Tanvi Gangadhar and Sumanth Gudaparthi planned their wedding, they knew they wanted their beloved 2-year-old golden retriever, Chai, to join them. They made the dog ring bearer, and even bought him his own tuxedo for the occasion.

Chai is a pandemic puppy and he often gets nervous being around big groups of people. Knowing this, Gangadhar made sure he had his favorite tennis ball nearby all day as a source of comfort.

However, what Gangadhar didn’t realize was that this tennis ball would eventually end up in her veil.

“Chai played with his ball the entire time. We even stopped for a bit in the middle of the vows because he dropped his ball down the stairs,” Gangadhar told. “Once the officiant announced us as husband and wife, everyone cheered. And, Chai got excited and nervous and took cover under my veil and dropped the ball, which led to the adorable moment.”

Of course, there were no hard feelings.

“We were very happy that he was having fun, and that’s all that mattered,” Gangadhar said. “Our friends love him too, so the guests cheered him on when he found the ball.”

Years ago, Gudaparthi was skeptical about getting a dog, but now she and her husband can’t imagine life without Chai.

“We think he should to live with a South Indian family because he loves dog friendly curd rice, dosa and idli the most,” Gangadhar said.

Gudaparthi and Gangadhar need to make sure Chai gets everything he deserves. Chai gives them lots of love in return.

“We work hard to give Chai the best life,” Gangadhar said. “We even moved into a bigger house with a backyard so that he has ample space to run around.”

With a family who loves him so much, Chai doesn’t have to worry about anything at all. And if he’s ever called upon to be part of a wedding again, he’ll know exactly what to do.

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