How To Cheer Up A Dog With A Cone

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Ollie, Andrew’s dog, is the nicest dog living in the most loving family. How To Cheer Up A Dog

Who are willing to do anything to keep him healthy and happy. Here is a story to prove it.

Cheer Up A Dog

After Ollie had a minor surgery, he needed to wear the famous cone for a while. Otherwise, it would take too long for the wounds on his body to heal, as he would keep picking on them. But like all the dogs, Ollie was not too excited about the cone. In fact, he was ashamed to wear it. From the very first day of Ollie wearing the cone, changes in his behavior were obvious. He turned from a joyful and cheerful puppy to a dog that lacked the energy to do anything.

Ollie would be sad all day long. Sometimes he would hide from his owners. It seemed like he did not like his appearance. From time to time, he would approach someone and give them a sad expression, as if asking to remove it. Andrew knew that he needed to do something to cheer his dog up. At least, he wanted to show Ollie that they did not hate him and that they did not put the cone on him as a punishment. And he came up with a funny idea.

Andrew ordered a human-sized cone, so he could wear it along with Ollie. When the order was delivered, Ollie was the happiest. The moment he saw Andrew wearing it, he jumped on the couch to sit next to him and started waggling his tail. The two watched TV together, enjoying each other’s company. Seemed like the bond between them grew even stronger after this small act of kindness.

But the funny part started when Andrew’s family came back home and saw the two sitting with the cones around their necks. They feel very proud of Andrew for not letting Ollie struggle alone. But still, Andrew managed to tolerate the cone only for several hours.

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