A Doberman sacrifices himself to help the girl from a poisonous snake

Doberman pinschers are considered Animal World

A Doberman demonstrated his family how protective and loyal is he

Certain dog breeds have a stigma attached to them for various reasons. When it comes to Pit bulls and Dobermans, they are notorious for being too aggressive and unfit to live in families with small children. That’s why when Catherine Svilcic decided to adopt a Doberman, she immediately started to regret it. She had a small child at home and wasn’t sure how a Doberman, who had been mistreated his whole life, was going to adapt to having an infant around. Her doubts immediately vanished when Khan, the Doberman, saved her daughter from a venomous snake.
Just a few days after Khan’s adoption, he demonstrated to Catherine and her family how loyal he could be. He saved little Charlotte’s life.
Just four days after the family adopted Khan, he showed the world that he is not an “aggressive” dog. Khan and Charlotte (17 months at the time) were playing together in the backyard of their house in Atherton, Australia, when Catherine saw Khan grab Charlotte by the diaper and toss her a few feet away from him.
At first, Catherine thought the worst of Khan. That is, that Khan was being aggressive towards Charlotte and, if she didn’t intervene in time, Charlotte would be in even more danger. Once Catherine got closer, however, the scene was much clearer. Charlotte was in danger, but not because of Khan. Khan had tossed her across the yard to protect her from the danger looming in the grass: a venomous snake. It wasn’t just any venomous snake, either. It was a King Brown snake, which is one of the most venomous snakes in the world.
Tossing Charlotte out of the way was a big sacrifice for Khan to make. By protecting Charlotte, he was the one that received the snake bite. Within minutes, Khan collapsed to the ground. Fortunately, Catherine was able to inject him with antivenom and, within no time, Khan was back to feeling even better than before. It goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover. Dobermans definitely have a bad reputation, but this story proves that they can also be caring, loyal, and protective pets. Way to go, Khan!

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