Woman’s Landlord Made Her Move Out Because She Adopted A Pitbull

She had heard Adopted A Pitbull Dog Breeds

Because She Adopted A Pitbull

Nila was eight weeks old when Cierra adopted her. She had heard of NIla through an advertisement. But when she arrived at the shelter to adopt the dog, the situation turned out to be not exactly what was expected. Nila technically was not a rescue dog, but Cierra did save her. She had a number of health issues, so she had to rush the dog to a vet.Adopted A Pitbull

After a weak of treatments, Nila looked like a totally different puppy. Cierra had to inform the landlord about getting a dog. She went through the pet policy with them, but after a week, they suddenly told her that there was a problem.

The landlord said that they did not realize that Cierra was getting a pit bull. And because of that, she either had to get rid of the dog or move out. It was an important but not a difficult decision for Cierra. She immediately started looking for a new place.

The house she rented soon after, was actually just right down the street from her previous apartment complex. It had a large backyard, where Nila was able to entertain herself by digging as much holes as she wanted to.

Cierra thinks that it is unfair how the landlord changed his mind just because her pet was a pit bull. She says that it is a wrong way of thinking when people group an entire species or breed. One can never determine what a dog is like by its breed. She also noticed that when she is taking a walk with Nila at the park, some people cross over to the sidewalk when they see the pit bull. Cierra just wants them to give Nila a chance. Then, maybe they will be able to see that she is just a playful puppy that brings joy everywhere she goes.

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