Woman Rescues Hermit Crabs

Woman finds hermit crabs being given away on Craigslist and gives them a dream life Animal World

Sarah does not encourage anyone to buy a Hermit Crabs.

Sarah never though of adopting a hermit crab. But one day she saw what was going on in the hermit crab industry. Since then, she started adopting each crab that was about to enter the store. Sarah realized that the hermit crabs that enter the industry have to live in horrible conditions. As a result, a lot of them do not even make it to the store. While the ones that do, are very likely to be damaged.

The thing is that the stores want to get customers by offering hermit crabs that come in colorful artificial shells. And to get the crabs look that way, their natural shells need to be cracked open and replaced with new ones. There is a special machine for that, which, when cracking the shells, is very likely to damage the crab itself. In addition to that, before reaching the stores, the crabs live in a very unhygienic room, inside dirty water.

It is impossible to save all the hermit crabs that get into the hands of merchants. But Sarah does her best, by adopting as many as she can. She is sure that she is able to give them a much better life than they were going to have in the industry. Also, a lot of people buy these creatures just as souvenirs rather than pets, and end up mistreating them. For example, they put them in tiny aquariums that are in no way suitable for crabs.

Sarah does not encourage anyone to buy a crab. She hopes that the crab industry will fail. So these animals will be able to live on the beaches, in their natural environments. They, for sure, will like it a lot better than living in any aquarium. Sarah adopts only the crabs that are about to enter the industry, so do not have the chance to live in the wild anymore.

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