Woman Raises A Tiny Bird That Fell From The Nest

A Tiny Bird That Fell From The Nest Animal World

Woman Raises A Tiny Bird

Susan Simon noticed something pink in her backyard in the morning while heading to the gym. She realized that it was a baby bird when she approached it. The poor thing probably fell from the nest and somehow managed to survive the fall.

House finches had built nests in her yard before too. But this family decided to build one in a wreath that was hanging from a light fixture. The nest turned out to be very insecure when one night the wind knocked it down. As a result, this little thing ended up helplessly lying on the ground. Susan returned the bird to his nest and walked out of the yard, continuing her morning walk. She was surprised to find the baby on the ground again when she returned. This time, she had no choice other than to take him in and figure out a way of helping him survive.

A Tiny Bird That Fell From The Nest
A Tiny Bird That Fell From The Nest

The first thing she did was place the bird on a heating pad and try to feed him with a toothpick. He was so cold and tired that he did not even want to open his mouth. Susan says that during the first couple of weeks, she had to feed him every 15 minutes. After a week, his eyes finally opened and his feathers started to come in. He looked so funny that Susan decided to name him Twerp.

Soon, Simon moved Twerp into a cage with food and water dishes. When he got a bit older, she started to take him out on the porch so he would get used to the outside world. Eventually, Twerp outgrew his cage when he started to fly on his own. He gradually stopped visiting Susan when he learned how to find food from the neighbor’s finches.  Susan says that although she is sad that Twerp left, she is happy that he got back to where he belonged to. Woman Raises A Tiny Bird

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