Woman Captures Her Dog Discovering The Moon

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Dog Discovering The Moon This is Marquette

A dog whose favorite thing to do is to play fetch. She always gets excited when she lays her eyes on a ball. But recently Marquette has noticed another object looking just like a ball. But it turned out to be more than just a little bit out of reach, making it impossible for Marquette to play with it. Dog

Gretchen Back, the owner of Marquette was taking her for an evening walk when the dog stopped for a while looking up at the sky. She suddenly noticed the bright glowing round object in the sky. And it took her a moment to figure out what that was. Back says that at first, she thought that the dog was looking at a bird flying in the sky. But then she realized that he was just staring at the Moon. She even managed to capture that beautiful moment on a video and now she can go back to it whenever she would like to.

Dog Discovering The Moon
Photo: Dog Discovering The Moon
To the pup’s curious eyes, the moon probably appeared as a celestial tennis ball. Maybe she originally thought that the ball was being tossed to her. She was more than ready to play fetch with it. And it came to her as a big surprise when she discovered that the ball in the sky was not moving. The fact that something could remain steady while being in the air amazed her. Even though the dog tried to chase it for a good thirty seconds, the Moon could not be caught. So, much to Marquette’s disappointment, she did not get to play fetch with the Moon. For now, though, just a regular old tennis ball will have to do. Marquette’s owner is, however, still impressed. She says that she is very proud of her beloved dog.
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