Woman Adopted A Pigeon That Could No Longer Fly

Pigeon might not change the minds Animal World

Laura adopted through Great Lakes Pigeon rescue

Wednesday is a pigeon with unique looks, whom Laura adopted through Great Lakes Pigeon rescue, based in Chicago. He was supposed to be a racing pigeon, but he is no longer able to fly. Pigeon fanciers raise a bunch of them, then release them, and wait till they see whoever’s pigeon gets back home the fastest.

One of the volunteers at the shelter have found Wednesday huddled under the bushes. He was very young at that moment so Laura thinks that it must have been his first race .It has been quite of an adventure when she planned a huge road trip all the way from her home in New York City to Chicago just to get him.

When they took Wednesday home, he was very anxious. He did not make any noise for more than a month. Laura had to come up with different ways of making him feel comfortable there and assuring him that he was safe. She would lay out blankets and just sit and watch various TV programs near him, so he could see that she was not going to mess with him. It took a while, but eventually Wednesday did start to feel confident around her.

Laura says that at the time of adoption her husband and she suspected that he was a female, so they named him after Wednesday Adamas. But then it became clear that he was actually a boy, and this just turned into a funny story.

According to the family, Wednesday has got such a bright personality. He is bold and feisty, very playful and energetic. Even though his is unable to fully extend his left wing and he cannot fly, he is still such a happy and positive boy. Laura says that Wednesday is her favorite creature in the entire world.

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