Wild Beaver Visits His Favorite Family Every Evening

The Wild Beaver Saloon is exactly what you want out of a bar Animal World

Wild Beaver decided to make a dam there.

Nancy and her family always welcome Beave, a wild Beaver, whenever he wants to visit them, which happens quite a lot. Nancy says that Beave decided that their house is his lodge, and comes in whenever it is cold outside, or he needs some rest. Along with all the comforts of the house, Beave also receives all the cuddles and the love from the family. What else can a beaver dream of?

The family never forces him to stay. He is totally a wild animal, and goes to his natural home whenever he wishes to. Beave is a true water lover. It may be a pond, a lake, or any body of water, if he sees it, he is already on his way to jump in. Another thing that he loves, just like any other beaver, is damming. He is the professional in the wild. If he swims in the nearby lake, it gets unrecognizable only in half an hour. But he likes doing it at home as well, which has its effect too. Nancy has to clean up the entire house if Beave decided to make a dam there.

Wild Beaver has it all
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Beave really creates a lot of quality time for Nancy and her family. He brings a lot of joy and happiness into their daily lives, and brightens up their evenings. Beave is a true cuddle bug. He will randomly come and sit at someone’s stomach for a couple of minutes. And he never gets tired of being hugged or petted.

Just like a true family member, Beave likes to participate in the outdoor family gatherings as well. Whenever the family goes kayaking, Beave is there, sitting with them, and enjoying the nice weather. He also likes cleaning himself up while kayaking, which is the cutest thing ever.

It is funny how a wild animal gets so comfortable around people, and makes his mind to become part of a family.

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