Picnic And Self-Care Day For Two Best Friend Dogs

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The Staff Put All Effort To Make The Friend Dogs First Day At Shelter Unforgettable

Milo and Mabel are two best friends that had been living in the same house. But things did not turn out just fine. They ended up being taken back to the shelter together. It was not the most pleasant time for them, as they left their home and appeared in some unknown place, with unfamiliar people. The two were probably a bit shocked, and had no idea what they were supposed to do.Friend Dogs

In these hard times, the best friends kept supporting each other like ever. They were taking care of each other, and trying to protect one another. Their friendship got the shelter staff so excited that they decided to make a special day for the two. This way, they wanted to praise them for such good friendship. They also wanted to show them that the staff was friends with them, and would not harm them.

Liza volunteered to take the organization of the special day on her. She gave Milo and Mabel two very nice leashes, and they started their journey. First, they went for a walk in the neighborhood. The dogs were so happy to be under the sun and surrounded by trees. Finally, they started to feel more relaxed and chill. But that was only the beginning, as next, there was a picnic waiting for them.

Liza had brought everything needed for a nice picnic – a blanket, a basket, and food both for the dogs and herself. Liza found a quiet grassy area on the hill, and set everything up. That was when Milo and Mabel started to bond with Liza. When it was already getting late, they returned to the shelter, where there was one more surprise waiting for them. The staff organized a self-care day for the besties, where they took shower and got new haircuts.

The staff really worked their best to welcome their new Friend Dogs, and make them feel like home. The dogs definitely appreciate them for creating such positive and friendly environment for them.

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