Tiny Dog Loves To Go On Boat Trips

Dolphins During Boat Trips Dog Breeds

Dog Likes To Watch Dolphins During Boat Trips

This dog has been going on the craziest boat trips with her owner Kale, ever since he adopted her.

Maggie used to be Kale’s grandfather’s dog, but when he passed away two years ago, Kale started taking care of her. Kale is a fisherman, and he spends most of his days sailing in the open sea. But soon, he realized that his dog is fond of water just as much as he was. After Maggie adjusted to being around water, he started taking her with him for the exciting sea adventures.

Maggie is always thrilled to start a new trip with her family and the crew. She absolutely loves the boat rides and she is always looking forward to them. Even if they are far away from the shore, and the weather is not very nice, It does not scare Maggie. She takes advantage of the rocking boat and has fun rolling with it!

Kale says that with tuna fishing it can be anywhere from two weeks to a month. Throughout that time, Maggie does everything to convince everyone that she is also a part of the team. She would wake up with all of them at three in the morning and start stretching. Maggie hangs out with them and cheers everyone up with her sunny personality. She is very outgoing and she tries to be everyone’s friend.

The two of them have recently returned home from their latest adventure, and Maggie already misses the ocean. She just cannot wait for Kale to take her to another crazy trip so she can watch the sunsets from the sea and look at the dolphins and sea lions passing by their little boat. The first time Maggie saw a sea lion, she jumped up and started to wag her tail out of curiosity. Every time, she is discovering something new while living her best life together with Kale.

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