Three beavers comfort and save helpless boy

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Beavers protected a boy by warming him up and saving him from freezing to death

When Rheal Guindon and his family arrived at the camp site. His parents decided to go fishing and he remained on the shore. Damaged forever, he watched helplessly as the boat quickly sank and his parents drowned within minutes. Devastated and panicked, he attempted to walk to the nearest  town to seek help. Unfortunately, as the sun went  down, his heart filled with fear. He realized that he would have to spend the cold night outside.Beavers

He was heartbroken and traumatized as he lay on the cold, hard ground. When he felt  something  warm and furry press up against him, he assumed it was a dog and fell asleep. When he awoke the next morning, he discovered three beavers, snuggled up against him. The temperatures had dipped below zero over the course of the night, and it is more than likely that he would have frozen.Beavers

This incredible story illustrates how little we really know about the capacities of wild animals and how on some levels they posses some of our more noble qualities. We may also be more dependent on them than we would ever feel comfortable admitting. They respond to gentleness and affection and uncomfortably remind us that on a base level.

All living  things should have the right to live out their lives on their own terms. Perhaps more gratitude towards them tinged with an ounce more of respect might lead to a better world for all species. It would appear certain that Rheal Guindon believes this to be so and that his ordeal that terrible day in the woods has shaped his life in ways he could never have expected.

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