This mysterious photo of a deer looks too funny

This mysterious photo Animal World

A wildlife photographer accidentally took a photo that made everyone laugh, mysterious.

There is a field near Nikoletta Mucsanyi’s home in Hungary, where different kinds of animals can be seen frolicking and playfully chasing one another. Nikoletta often goes there to practice wildlife photography. Her portfolio is already full of pictures of wild rabbits, birds, and squirrels that she took on the field. During her last week’s visit, she intended to focus more on the deer.

After snapping some shots, Nikoletta was ready to head back home.

She hopped on her bike and was already on her way when something caught her eye. She noticed two little fawns running around the field and she decided to try to capture them. Nikoletta did not even have time to check her camera settings, she had to be quick to snap as many pictures of the moment as she could.

She did not know what to expect, but while scrolling through the pictures, she saw something both hilarious and mysterious. Nikoletta has no idea how it happened but in one of the shots, she could see a deer on top of another one that looked more like a ghost. It cheered her up, as Nicoletta and her friends found the picture extremely funny.

After posting the picture online, people started suggesting explanations regarding the ghost deer. A fellow photographer assumed that it might be a result of layered photography. There is a setting in the Canon D series that takes 3 shots and layers them on top of each other. The ghost deer could be one of the background layers.  So according to this theory, there is only one deer in the photo which is followed by the question of where did the other one disappear. In the end, the shot remains a mystery.

“My family thinks it looks funny, so I decided to share it with other people. I got the funniest reactions from them.” People loved making all sorts of jokes about it. She constantly reads comments online that say “The deer’s Patronus is also a deer.” Or “You scared it so bad, her soul left her body.”

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